• ETERKYD Alkyd Resins (long, Medium, Short, and modified alkyds).
  • ETERAC          Acrylic Resins (Thermoplastic and Thermosetting).
  • ETERAC Acrylic Polyols.
  • ETERMINO Amino Resins.
  • ETERKYD Oil Free Polyesters.
  • ETERSET Unsaturated Polyester Resins.
  • ETERSET Vinyl Ester Resins
  • ETERCURE UV curing resins (monomers, oligomers, photo initiators)
  • ETERFLOUR Fluorocarbon Resins
  • ETERPOXY Epoxy Resin.
  • ETERSET Styrene monomer
  • TEXICRYL Emulsion polymers for Inks


  • SYLOSIV® Moisture scavengers.
  • SYLOBEAD® Molecular Sieves.
  • SYLOBLOC® Anti-blocking Agent.
  • SYLOID® Matting Agents and Adsorbents.
  • TRISYL® Adsorbents for Edible Oils purifications.
  • ALPAFAST (Violet) and MEGAFAST (other colors) series for Coatings, Printing Inks, and Plastic Master Batches. 
  • SYLOWHITE®  Aluminum Silicate TiO2 extender                 
  • Tall Oil Fatty Acids (TOFA)

        Sylfat  Low Rosin Content  TOFA                           

  • UV Stabilizers, UV Absorber, Anti-Oxidant, and Optical Brighteners. For Plastics and Master Batches.
  • Metallic Carboxylates, UV Stabilizers, UV Absorber, Anti-Oxidant, and Optical Brighteners. For Coatings and Resin Manufacturing.
  • PALMSTAR ZNST SFC4® Zinc Stearates, sanding sealers enhancer.
  • Smartex ® PH modifier, and resin emulsifier.
  • MCR® Cobalt free drier.
  • TPP Anti-oxidant.


  • Mixing and Grinding Machines.                                               
  • Filling Machines, IMMEA.                   
  • Reactors for Synthetic Resin Productions.
  • Liquid handling Systems (dosing, filling and mixing).
  • Fiber Reinforced Plastics Production Lines.

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